Melissa Marr (melissa_writing) wrote,
Melissa Marr

Faery Tales, Nightmares, & Graveminders

This week I received copies of GRAVEMINDER US paperback which released last week.

. . .and copies of GRAVEMINDER UK paperback

. . . and copies of FAERY TALES & NIGHTMARES US hardcover. Releases 2/21/2012

. . . and there are two 6s in my Twitter followers number. 

Clearly I should have a contest, right? 

I have 6 books to give to new homes.

To Enter:

+1 Recommend a song that makes you think of Faery Tales (link to YouTube video or lyrics page; no piracy links!!!)
+1 Recommend a song that makes you think of Nightmares (see above).
+1 Post a new review (pos or neg) of one of my books on Goodreads or Amazon or B&N.  Link to it in replies.
+1 Post of new POSITIVE review of another book you love (on Amazon or Goodreads or B&N)  Link to it in replies so I can get book recs.
+1  Tweet to this contest blog.
+1 FB link this contest blog.
+6 Make a donation to  RAINN ( or your local Women's Shelter (You will need to email proof of donation if you are a winner)

Open internationally. At least 1 winner will be not-US (so tell me what your nation is in the reply)

Randomizer will pick the 6 winners.

Winners will pick which book they want from the 3 listed. 

Winners will be posted on the blog on the 6th of February. 

Winners not claiming prize by the 12th of Feb forfeit. 
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