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More questions and answers

More Q and A . . .

Q: "I live in Toronto, Canada. I can't seem to get a hold of stopping time part one or two. I tried to harper code but it said it wasn't valid. Also, all the other links charge like 2$ for it and although I'm willing to pay, I don't have kindle and would rather not give credit card info online. Is there anyway you could upload it onto your site since it is free and extremely convenient."

A: I'm sorry, but I cannot. (I have a contract with my publishers that had to be in place to put it out there for free AND so my US house could make it available to my international readers--which was VERY important to me.)

In order for the story to go out free thru the ebook vendors--which cost my publishers money--they are now selling it. (I explained the whole process in March over HERE.) It was also included for free in FRAGILE ETERNITY (US & Canadian pb edition).  The book costs the same as any of te other WL pbs, but we added the story for free. It will be in the WICKED LOVELY ANTHOLOGY in 2012 too, and AFAIK, some libraries are providing it to their patrons.

Q: ". . . then find out that there are novellas, sequels to Ink Exchange, which i particularly enjoyed. Imagine my disappointment when I realise I have to buy them as ebooks. No fair. I also find that I could have bought Fragile Eternity with Part 1 in it, but I already have a copy but without the extra novella. Again, no fair. I don't like ebooks since I love the feel of books & I don't really wanna have to purchase a whole book I already have just for an extra story. So, is there any miraculous way these novellas are going to be in traditional book format but on their own? cause I would LOVE to find out what happens to Leslie. Much appreciated :-)"

A: See above answer. It was released as an estory & freebie in the back of FE as a gift from me (w my publisher's blessing) to readers. I understand the ebook objection, so I petitioned for & succeded at having it added into the FE pb. I understand the not wantingto buy an extra copy of FE, so I had it released as an ebook thru the major vendors. And--on topic--I understand being frustrated by internat'l limitations, so I agreed to a contract w Harper so they could provide it to my overseas houses.  I've sold an anthology of short stories in the WL world for those that aren't happy wi I've done everything I could to make it as widely available as possible.

Q: Why don't you ever put leslie back in? I loved leslie's character.

A: She's in the aforementioned answers on "Stopping Time." She will be in one more text you'll see. (I can't say which one right now, though.)

Q: "This was my friends idea; why don't you make another story on an ink exchange but this time. . .[reader specifies the plot she wants]
A: I'm really glad you and your friend are enthusiastic, but I don't write stories that way. The books I write aren't directed by anyone (other than my characters & Ms Muse!)  Not even my editors or agents suggest plots, but you are free to go over somewhere like the fanfiction.net site & post your own. (I have go over there often to read Buffy fanfic.)

Q: "I'm an aspiring fantasy author and had a couple questions.
One - My problem is that I have about eighteen plus stories started, but can never seem to finish them. Better yet, I can't even get to the fifth chapter in most of them. Does this ever happen to you?
Two - If that does, do you have any advice for getting through them, one or two stories at a time?"

A: Writing is a bit like learning to drive a stick shift.  The first few times, most of us get stalled, then frustrated, and then we try again. The more we do it, the less we stall . . . but there are still days, we miss a gear or stall  . . .  and times we get all sorts of frustrated.  In other words, it's perfectly normal to have this experience.

Some strategies I use--
  • write the scenes you know; don't try to write in order.
  • use multiple characters; when one voice gets stalled, switch to another.
  • admit some books just don't work. if you need to switch books, switch. (I have a stack of stories started and unfinished from the past 3 years. Some will never get finished.)
  • push forward. writing is hard. there are days i'm pretty sure the story i'mwriting SUCKS. i cuss, whine to my friends, & then try again. other days, it's like magic.
  • talk out yourplot (or brainstorm or mindmap or outline or whatever it takes to get it out of your head).
There is no surefire way. No answer as to which strategy will work for YOU, & what works for you might not work for the next person.  Try new strategies until one gets you moving.

Q: "I've seen around that there's a comic book out on wicked lovely - desert fey. What's it all about? And has it been released yet? (Released in Australia that is)"

A:  It's a story of one of the former Winter Girls (Rika), who lives in the Mojave Desert now. It's 3 volumes, and the 3rd one is due out in the US next April. The timeline was set in such a way that Vol 2 released around the same time as RS here, so as to offer insights into where Keenan is during RS. My understanding is that the Book Depository ships worldwide w/o shipping fees, so (for any of you interested), you might check w them if it's not out where you are & you want it. Sorry I lack better data on this.

Release info . . . Your guess is as good as mine, unfortunately. My manga publisher isn't very forthcoming with information much to my increasing irritation. I know HC UK bought it, & they export to Aus/NZ, but I have no idea if it's out in the UK or Aus/NZ. I gather it IS out in Indonesia, and I know it will be out in Italy at some point.  That's the extent of what I know. (Sorry.)


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Jun. 9th, 2010 07:18 pm (UTC)
This is a random comment To say That I love your books And I have no idea why I'm typing like this Oh well. Health, happiness and pineapple trees, ~Sana Mae.
Jun. 16th, 2010 11:37 am (UTC)
International Stopping Time?
Sorry, couldnt figure out how to contact you. I really really really want to read the Stopping Time series; Is it available ANYWHERE if you're not from the US? I'm Australian, and have tried buying it on every site I can find, no-one will sell it outside the US. Anything I can do??
Jun. 19th, 2010 06:38 am (UTC)
Hi Melissa! I just finished Radiant Shadows and aside from it being incredibly awesome, I had a question that isn't exactly relevant to the plot but nevertheless was somewhat bothering me...

About what age are Irial, Niall, and Keenan? I know they are faeries and have lived for a long time but in regards to physical appearance how old do they look?

Jun. 21st, 2010 03:51 pm (UTC)
I have read all of your books and love them. I just finished Stopping Time and I was wondering if Niall, Irial and Leslie will have a conclusion in your final book Darkest Mercy? I am dying to see more of them and a conclusion would be great!
Oct. 2nd, 2010 11:17 am (UTC)
Wicked lovely
r there any plans to come to the uk?
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