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I am behind on everything but deadlines, so I'll tackle various email questions here. 

Q: Why isn't RADIANT SHADOWS about Ash???!
A:  The Wicked Lovely series is a series about the Faerie Courts (which, FWIW, is the series title I wish we had used) not about one chick.

Q: What is DARKEST MERCY about? Who is it about?
A: The faerie courts ;)  It's the conclusion of the series, so the narrative is about pretty much ALL of the characters.

Q: Ok, but will Ash/Seth/Keenan/Irial/Niall/etc/etc be in it?
A: Yes, probably . . . I won't commit to exactly WHICH characters are in it, but I will say that all of the threads set up in the first 4 books are resolved. It's the conclusion. There will be resolution of romances & courts & all that.  People will end up together. People will die.

Q: When will it be out?
A: In less than a year. It's not even DUE until July, but it's already written. I did the first 2 rounds of editorial revisions.  I still need to do line notes & then it goes to copyedit.  We have had the cover shoot already. (The model, Linda, who will be portraying Donia on the cover is gorgeous & absolutely perfect.)

Q: Why don't you come to ____ [fill in the city]?
A: I go many many places, but sometimes I must sleep. I went to a lot of new places this yr, & I still have more to go. (LOOK HERE: http://www.facebook.com/SmartChicksKickIt?v=app_2374336051) AND HERE: (http://www.melissa-marr.com/) for info.

I will be at ALA conference in Washington DC, a book signing in Fredericksburg VA (in June); I will be doing the SMART CHICKS tour in September; and FaerieCon 2010  November 12 -14 (at the Baltimore Marriott Hunt Valley Inn).  I will be in Italy in the spring, & then  other stuff prob more tour & events. I travel a lot.

Q: What's GRAVEMINDER About?
A:  Here's the bit I had to draft to give Harper sales--

GRAVEMINDER is the story of a mortician, a commitment-phobe, a dead girl, and a town in which the dead can walk if they aren’t properly minded.  Unfortunately, neither Rebekkah nor Byron knew that they were going to be spending the rest of their lives keeping the dead from roaming, but their childhood home, Claysville, bumps up against the land of the dead, a world of simultaneous often lawless eras ruled over by the enigmatic Mr. D  and accessible only to two living souls: the Graveminder and her Undertaker. 

Q: Movie news? and Is there really a movie? and Can I be in the movie?
A: I write books, and while I have had an inordinate amt of voice thus far, I am merely the author. Casting isn't my domain--nor wd I want it to be. I spent release day in Hollywood with my producers & screenwriter, & i am THRILLED with how things are progressing.  Sadly, I cannot share anything more with you at this point, but pls know that I read your email, print letters, & various messages (incl Twitter replies & FB mail).  No, I can't get you a role in the film, but I can say that my producers are working very hard to create a film you will like.

Q: You are SUCH a sellout! How dare you sell the film! I hate you.
A: Right. Here's the thing--free speech means you can say such things & passion is cool, but I tend to disagree w the sellout thing.  I selected a producer who GOT the book, who respects the lore, who is a FEMINIST. I refused to go to auction bc I didn't want anyone BUT the team I have.  

Q: please dont let them screw up the movie like they did [title omitted], let them recreate it well like they did the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies. Because you created them, you own it.
I can't promise you anything other than this--I trust them. I read the screenplay (& love it). I think my producers & screenwriter are AMAZING. I've refused to sell to ppl who had the wrong vision. . . but at the end of the day, I write books. I control what's in the books, so the film is a definite leap of faith.  So far, I am GLEEFUL over the way their vision & mine line up.

. . . and incidentally, authors do NOT own it once we sell it.  I own part of it, but films are adaptations, so it's a shared vision.  That's standard not just my situation.  Honestly, there's even a trust issue w translations into other languages. I have one overseas cover that I dislike, & I've heard that the way the series is being promoted is utterly & completely inaccurate. I've had the text translated in another country in such a way that a couple terms are meaning different than what I intended. It's a scary thing.

Q: I love the "tattoo faery" series.
A: It's only called that on theft sites, so pls pls pls don't call it that. Thx! If I love a series, I buy the books OR get them from the library. (I LOVE libraries!!!!)  I'm not going to hunt you down & yell at you, but if you don't mind, I'd be happier w skipping the telling-me-you-stole-from-me-or-otherwise-making-me-think-of-theft-sites part. Thx.

Q: I'm planning on going as Aislinn for my yearbook creative photo and I was wondering what kind of outfits/look you imagine her to have. I'd like to stay as true to the character as possible, since I'm only doing this once.
A: Ash is a pretty mainstream looking girl. Long dark hair with sunstreaks these days (bc of the whole Summer thing), thin but not need-a-sandwich-desperately-starving. She's petite (prob 5 ft 3 to 5 ft 4in). Blue eyes. Jeans. Tees or blouses. Her school uniform is burgundy & blue.(Catholic school--and yes, I did go online to uniform stores & select a school uniform).  She wears ratty converse, worn docs, or cute little shoes. She prefers her jeans thrift store, but she also has nicer skirts (again bc of the queen thing).  No piercings or tattoos. No major scars. Not heavy on the make-up. Light gloss or lip colour.  (Does that help?)

Q: I like your book recommendations. What are you reading?
A:  I just recently read DARLING JIM by Christian Moerk (adult fiction) & am still utterly astounded by it a few weeks later.  Great book! AMAZING narrative structure.

Here are some more I have enjoyed--

STORK by Wendy Delsol--interesting myth use, enjoyable YA romance. Norse lore & elementals in a contemporary world

MISTWOOD by Leah Cypress--Definitely a good choice for GRACELING fans. Interesting world building. YA Fantasy.

DEAD IN THE FAMILY by C Harris--I've been reading the Sookie books since I checked the first one out of the library almost a decade ago. (I was a fan of her Lily Bard series, so I figured I'd give that 1st Sookie book a try.) I now read them--often on release--and look fwd to more.  Great worldbuilding. Great characters. . . just don't ask me to tell you what the genre is. I can say it's not YA, but aside from that, Harris is crossing boundaries like a madwoman--and I love it.

DEATH BLOWS by DD Barant--absolutely fun & exciting adult urban fantasy. 2nd in a series, but this one has comic book alt universe, multiverse stuff that made me call & geek to Spouse over it.  Great fun. Definitely recommended.

WILL GRAYSON, WILL GRAYSON by John Green-- Contemp YA.  Well written interesting book. It doesn't top ALASKA or PAPERTOWNS, but it's now my 3rd favourite of his.

MATCHED by Ally Condie-- YA Dystopian. Tied w Carrie Ryan's FOREST OF HANDS & TEETH for best YA dystopian in my opinion. Very very compelling text.

BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS (sequel to BEAUTIFUL CREATURES) by Kami Garcia & Margie Stohl--I didn't know the authors when I read BC, so I could say I was totally unbiased then.  I will admit to slight bias these days bc I know & like the authors now.  (I believe in disclaimers!) That said, I still think it's fab. I still think the lushness of the prose & the world are the sort one should willingly get lost in. Beautiful Southern-fic, YA, paranormal, romance w a great myth-world.

Various Madeline Hunter & Lorainne Heath romances--I'm a lifelong romance reader, so I have definite favourites.  Hunter & Heath joined Eloisa James on my "to read regularly" list. I love a good historical romance, & these ladies deliver good romance. 

If you have questions I've missed, reply here.  If you have msgs for me, reply here.  PLS NOTE that I'm making comments invisible to everyone but me so you can say what you want in private here :)

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